Does Breast Reduction Equal Better Health? Three Health News Updates

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Did you know that sleeping the right amount of time can prevent many health problems, including high blood pressure, sickness and obesity? Understanding health is important. Not only does health impact how we feel every day and how long we live, but refusing to learn the facts can make us more likely to fall for harmful myths about living healthy.

Did you know, for example, that heart attacks do not always hurt a lot? When people are unaware that the symptoms can be more mild, they might not seek medical assistance in time. To make things easy for you, here are three important health news articles and tips from this week.

1. Breast Reduction Equals Better Health

One of the top health news pieces for this week came from WebProNews. According to a new study, breast reduction surgery improves patient health. Women who get this surgery report more satisfaction with their appearance, improvements in upper body main, an easier sleep and more ability to exercise. Hopefully this will encourage insurance companies to continue to cover this procedure.

2. Seniors Not Being Realistic?

According to Forbes, many seniors are unaware of future inhibitors to their health. A 2013 survey showed that 60% of aging seniors expect their health to stay level over the next five to ten years, and are not doing activities to help manage their health. It is important to remind seniors that regular exercise and proper dieting are necessary in order to maintain an even health condition, and chronic conditions need to be actively managed, not ignored.

3. Kids and Medicine

HealthDay health tip of the week is to ask questions about any medication your child is receiving, since medication has the potential to be dangerous if it is not administered correctly. Ask questions about side effects, whether it should be taken with food, and how frequently it should be administered. Kids health tips like this are important, because 67,000 children go to the ER every year with medicine poisoning.

What top health news have you come across this week? Let us know in the comments!

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