Do You Know Where to Go for Safe and Affordable Confidential Testing?

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I do not need Lala Loopsey or White Bone Elephant shirts!
The hilarious comment by your dad just a week before Father’s Day 2016 still plays in your ears. As you dad jokingly announced that he did not need any expensive clothing from either of his daughter’s fancy and expensive favorite clothing sites, you, your younger sister, and your mom could not quit laughing. You had been teasing him for hours about the things that you would be getting him for Father’s Day now that you were both able to drive, you both had your own jobs, and you both had the ability to get your dad gifts that were not controlled by your mother.
In the end, your dad’s announcement that he did not need these expensive shirts included the additional suggestion that the best gift would be if for the rest of the summer he did not see any charges or payments made to either of those stores for the rest of the summer.
If only things this summer could be that simple. Although just 12 months ago you were laughing and joking with your whole family about the gifts you could buy your father, this summer is a whole different story. Barely talking to your parents or your sister, you will be deciding on if you would even be getting your dad a gift this year. Instead, your energies are going to making even bigger decisions. You have recently escaped a pregnancy scare that you kept to yourself and you are now wondering if you should get up the nerve to tell your mom that you think it would be wise to go in for some testing. You know that there are a few locations where you can get same day STD testing, but you will really like some advice on whether one location is better than another.
Some Father’s Day.
Some summer.
Are You Looking for a Place to Get Safe and Reliable Same Day STD Testing?
Anonymous STD testing, at home STD testing, and other women’s healthcare issues can be frightening if you explore them alone. For while you can simply get free health clinic services in many large cities, the decision to go through the process alone can be scary. The fact of the matter is, however, a growing number of teens are facing these decisions everyday, in some places more than others. In the quiet center of the country, for example, the number of people looking for same day STD testing options might surprise you.
A February 2017 report, in fact, indicated that despite a goal by the Douglas County Health Department to reduce STD rates by 10% between the years 2003 and 2016, the Omaha, Nebraska, area saw a 4.8% increase in chlamydia cases, as well as a 30.1% increase in gonorrhea cases.
In a time when not even the politicians in Washington, D.C. seem to know what is the next step for healthcare in this country, it should come as no surprise that access to options like same day STD testing is a concern for many. From the middle of the country in places like Omaha, Nebraska, to large cities on either coast, and everywhere in between, discussions about access to healthcare continue to be a big concern. And in a time when the price of healthcare continues to rise, and the threat of shortages of future healthcare providers, it should come as no surprise that many are looking at a variety of options for getting the available care to those who find themselves most in need.
The days of expensive hospital emergency room visits and long waits at family physician’s offices are being replaced with a growing number of quick care clinics for women, children, and other families members. Some of the latest predictions indicate that the U.S. will need as many as 52,000 more primary care physicians by the year 2025 to meet growing healthcare needs. the fact that ER wait times went up 25% between 2003 and 2009, and that the average ER visitor pays total costs of $1,318, and a mean cost of $615, are both indicators that much more progress needs to be made in how the nation’s medical professionals offer their services.

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