3 Easy Tips for Increasing Supplemental Income for Doctors

Private label skincare for spas

Are you a doctor whose office looks a little bare? Or maybe you notice your patients looking bored in the waiting room? Perhaps you get a lot of patients who are older and complain about the quality of their skin? Or maybe you’re looking for supplemental income for doctors? Perhaps you run a spa that is lacking in its selection of skin products?

Skin care is often a concern for patients, whether they express it to you or not, so it may be helpful to provide them with some options. For a spa setting, natural skin products or organic skin care products may be appropriate for your clientele. If you are a doctor serving older patients, you may be interested in providing them with the best anti aging products available.

Here are some things to think about when making the decision to both supplement your income and provide your patients with professional skin care products.

How to Choose the Right Private Label Skin Care Products for Your Office

  • Think about your patients’ needs. For example, sunscreen is an often overlooked form of skin care, even though it is recommended to be applied every day, even cloudy ones. Eye creams can help older patients with sagging skin, especially the creams that have antioxidants, retinol, and peptides. Peptides specifically work as an active ingredient to stimulate the production of collagen.
  • Think about your finances. Is your office a little small and would benefit from the additional revenue of private label skin care? The anti-aging sector can provide surprisingly robust supplemental income for doctors. Stocking your office with a professional skin care line can increase your client loyalty without the pressures of competition with other providers. Just having a pleasant-looking display of high-end products is enough to have patients or clients ask about them and try them with your approval.
  • Do your research. This endeavor can only be rewarding if you do your research to find the best skin care line for you and your patients. What brand can provide the quality and care that your patients deserve? Search for high end private label cosmetics and be straightforward in your communication of expectations and the context from which you’re inquiring. Get products targeted to your clientele and they will be thanking you for the advice and help with little to no nudging.

Even if your office is relatively large, perhaps you just want to help your patients more and develop better relationships with them. If you run a spa and already have skin care products, but other spas in the area have the same brands, looking into private label products may help you eliminate that competition. These products are one of the easiest ways to secure supplemental income for doctors.

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