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Why Bikes and Bolts for Chainrings Matter

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In spring 2017, 66.21 million people in the United States had gone cycling within the last 12 months. Bicycles are beloved by so many people in both the United States and across the globe. However, the bike is made up of so many important parts that not everyone knows about. So it may get tricky if you need replacement parts like bolts for chainrings!

Pedals for bikes, longer reaching brakes, and handlebar end caps are all parts of a bike. Unless you are an absolute bike expert or enthusiast then you may not know a lot about these pieces. However, they all make up the bike that you love to use. So be sure to inform and educate yourself about bolts for chainrings with some of these facts below:

Across the globe, 100 million bicycles are produced for customers every single year. As a result, there are plenty of bike companies to buy a bike from. Furthermore, there are plenty of sources for buying bolts for chainrings as well. Customers can go with their name brand or they can f

2 Common Neurosurgical Operations for Back Pain

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Back pain is one of the most common medical issues dealt with in adults. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, a massive 80% of adults will have lower back pain at some point in life. Issues such as bulging discs, a pinched nerve, and degenerative disc disease can all be culprits for this kind of pain and can result in a visit to a back specialist or even in neurosurgery. Fortunately modern medicine provides multiple options for people suffering from these ailments, two of the most popular being lumbar fusion and spinal cord stimulation.

Lumbar Fusion and When It Is Needed

A common back problem that can sometimes heal on its own is bulging discs. A bulging disc is what occurs when the intervertebral disc bulges out between the vertebrae and can cause further issues such as a pinched nerve or sciatica. If the bulging is minor it can heal on its own with time and care, Continue Reading No Comments

Five Ways To Teach Kids About Drugs And Alcohol

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Children are generally very impressionable and in today’s world they are exposed to so much media and messaging. While there’s plenty of toy ads that catch the attention of children, they are also exposed to messages concerning drugs and alcohol.

SiIt’s important for parents and teachers to help kids of all ages separate fact from fiction when it comes to drugs and alcohol. While much progress has been made in educating people about the health issues concerning drugs and alcohol, there’s still progress to be made. In today’s media, there are still pictures and ads that portray smoking and drinking as a cool activity.

Children’s brains are incredibly flexible, or plastic, between birth through age six. With that in mind, it’s important to establish an ongoing conversation with children. Doing so allows teachers or parents to find relatable, everyday teachable situations that can help children understand the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

If you’re a parent or a teacher loo

What Are Some Of The Most Common Sports Injuries To Look Out For?

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Sports injuries are common for the casual player and the professional. Though there are techniques to perform properly on the field, you never know when a misstep or fall could occur.

Here are some of the most common sports injuries that might land you in an urgent care facility.

ACL Tear

A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament, otherwise known as your ACL, is a serious but common injury in the sports world. The ACL is a stabilizing ligament in your knee that is prone to straining from overuse, especially if you frequently change directions or pivot often, like in basketball.

Watch for periods of knee instability when you walk around corners. You should also monitor for swelling or bruising that could signify an ACL injury. You might need surgery and physical therapy to help the ligament heal properly.


A concussion is a serious injury that shakes the brain when the head is impacted by a fall, blow, or other blunt trauma. If you suffer a

The Importance of ADHD Testing for Children

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Throughout the United States, certain children are finding it difficult to stay focused on tasks. This isn’t their fault but rather signs of a common condition known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. In fact, statistics show that children dealing with moderated ADHD are usually diagnosed with this condition at the age of seven. However, this condition can afflict anyone at almost any age. If you’re worried that your child might be living with ADHD, it’s wise to consider having them tested. In this post, you’ll learn about ADHD testing and why it’s so beneficial.

What to Expect During ADHD Testing

In most cases, you’ll need to visit your primary care physician. During this appointment, you’ll want to mention why you think you’re dealing with ADHD. After this, you should be referred to a specialized ADHD testing center. At this point, you’ll be asked multiple types of questions which typically take place in an interview setting. For certain individuals,

Stay Healthy this Fall Using These Tips

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Fall weather brings with it cold and flu season. Americans get approximately one billion colds every year and 5 percent to 20 percent of Americans contract the flu each year. To help avoid these common ailments this fall, try staying healthy by using these tips.

Get the Flu Shot

Flu shots are the most efficient way to protect yourself against the flu. It is better to make sure that you get the shot as soon as possible to ensure that you are covered before being exposed to the illness.

Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

According to ABC News the likelihood that you will get a cold is greater if you get less than six hours of sleep each night.

Drink Water

Drinking water offers many benefits to your health, such as flushing out toxins, maintaining body temperature, and transporting nutrients.

A healthy smile can make you more confident in your life

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Going to the dentist has always had a scary stigma around it. Not to mention that tooth pain has been described to be one of the very worst pains that a person can experience. With so many people suffering from tooth pain and premature tooth loss the 10% of dentists who place implants are slowly growing larger. But many people worry when they hear the word dental implants thrown around. Many don’t know all of the facts that come along with having dental implants or what exactly dental implants are. Let’s delve deeper into what this is and what the stigmas around cosmetic dentistry are and remind you that there is no reason to hide away from going to the dentist and improving your teeth. Those stigmas from childhood about going to the dentist were meant to stay in your childhood and not meant to continue on to being an adult.

Three million people have dental implants and that number is growing

How to Identify and Handle a Throat Infection

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There are unfortunately a lot of people who struggle with yearly sinus infections and throat infections. Across the country, nearly 6 million adults and children battle through Allergic Rhinitis, which is a severe sinus infection. As a result, there is nothing wrong with coming down with a throat infection. However, there is something wrong with not properly treating this type of situation.

You do not need to be a doctor to properly identify a throat infection. Instead, you just need to pay attention to how your body feels. After all, the human body works to fight infections and you will feel very poorly during the process. Here is more information below:

Identify Throat Pain Immediately

This is the easiest step involved in recognizing and handling a throat infection. When your throat is infected, you will definitely notice. Difficult swallowing and an overall harsh feeling is th

Mammograms Are an Important Tool for Women

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Breast cancer has become known as the deadliest condition among women. If you have a family history of breast cancer, your chances of contracting it are much more. Compared to women without a family history, the risk of breast cancer is about two times higher for women with one affected first-degree female relative.

The older women get, the more at risk they are. Twenty-two out of 10,000 women ages 50 to 54 will contract breast cancer in the next year. That is a significantly larger percentage than other age groups. But what is important to remember is that breast cancer doesn’t discriminate. It’s vital to be tested no matter a woman’s age.

If you believe that you could be feeling symptoms of breast cancer or you want a test, look into receiving a mammography, which is a technique used to identify and diagnose breast cancer. Studies have shown that mammography reduces the risk of dying from bre

The Right Plan Is Important If You Want to Lose Weight

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One of the most important ingredients of having a life that is happy and peaceful is to make sure that you enjoy the best in terms of health and fitness. Indeed health and fitness are very important ingredients for happiness is to allow you to live a life where you do not have to constantly worry about diseases and health problems. At a time when more and more people are experiencing serious health problems due to lack of fitness and obesity, it becomes all the more important that you focus on better health and fitness, adopt habits and best practices that can help you remain fit, lose weight that you do not need, and transform your life in every way needed so as to be happy and have peace of mind. Weight loss programs of different kinds can definitely be checked out, as can be workout calendars. Ultimately, it boils down to doing things safely and scientifically with the right meal plan and embracing a healthier lifestyle.

A lot of people want to lose weight the easy way. One of