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Why Physical Therapy Has Become an Essential Part ofPrimary Care

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Physical therapy is widely used in preventative medicine and for rehabilitation after injuries and medical treatment. It can be helpful in a whole range of cases, from sports medicine to pain relief. Especially for the treatment of chronic pain in trouble areas like the back, knees, hips, neck and shoulders, it can be highly effective. Used in conjunction with other treatments, physical therapy has become an integral part of primary care.

How does physical therapy work?
Physical therapists are sometimes known as physiotherapists and treat bodily impairments to promote mobility and improve the quality of life. Physical therapy has evolved throug

When to Consider Individual Health Insurance

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Employee group benefits

Choosing health insurance can often be a difficult process — it’s not as simple as choosing basic benefits and coverages. There’s individual health insurance, group insurance, and many different types of benefits plans. Those who are not covered by an employer or who are not part of a group plan may seek out individual health insurance (such as the elderly or those unemployed), but there are a few things to take under consideration when seeking out individual health insurance. You may also want to think about supplemental insurance to really protect yourself, even if you are part of a group plan. So in what scenario would you need this type of insurance? Why does insurance matter so much? And how do you go abou

Comparing Proton Therapy with Conventional Surgery

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Non-invasive cancer treatment

When faced with cancer, you’ll need to decide which treatment options are best. Thanks to recent technological innovations, proton therapy is a highly sought after non-invasive cancer treatment method. Proton therapy uses radiation is a different way than a standard x ray does. No one wants radiation spilling over into noncancerous cells. In this post, you will learn why many people prefer proton therapy to conventional cancer removal surgery.

The Benefits of Proton Treatment

Many patients prefer proton therapy because it is not invasive. The most a patient will need to really do is wear an immobilization device. The dev

From DSS Medication to Mobility Devices, Life Can Get Easier

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Medical canes

In this age of modern medicine and scientific advancements, many people are pleased to find that more and more individuals are living longer, fuller, healthier lives than past generations have. This is due largely in part to progress in science and medicine, but there is still a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the quality of life for everyone, at every age. The human body, though resilient, does still get weaker in the later years, even for those in remarkably good health. Regular doctor visits are recommended for those navigating their senior years, and keeping informed about medication is important.

From DSS medication to diabetic syringes

Every body is different, and everyone ages differently. What works best for one person may not do anything helpful for the next

When Was the Last Time You Went on a Long Bike Adventure?

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X series bike seats

It has been a summer of adventure. With new bike racks on the RV that your family uses to travel, you have decided to select your camping locations based on available bike riding trials. Both of your teenage boys were allowed to pick two places where they wanted to go and then you and your husband selected one location each. With careful planning and the blessing of really good weather, you were able to travel in and out of 15 different states without any real effort.
With carefully planned stops, some of the locations the boys selected were locations that included biking trails that crossed back and forth between two, three, sometimes four states. These locations helped you to personally experience the state borders that you had long ago memorized on the maps on classes in both high school and colle

Can You Get Hormonal Support Through the Foods You Eat?

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Supplements for longevity

The hormones in a person’s body fluctuate as they age, for women more than men especially. In one’s quest for health, it is essential that they consider the hormonal support their body requires both in the present moment and in regards to future bodily changes. For women an imbalance between the three hormones, progesterone, testosterone, and of course estrogen, can cause what appears to be mystifying health problems. Addressing the underlying hormonal imbalances can provide relief.

Are Health Supplements the Way to Enduring Health? Not Necessarily.

Supplements are just that, a supplemental product to boost the actions you have already taken to keep your body healthy. If there are not other healthy practices in place,

I Have Unusual Chest And Stomach Pain Do I See An Urgent Care Clinic Or Emergency Room?

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Urgent care lakewood co

What do you do in order to stay healthy? More and more Americans are turning toward diet changes to support their heart health and the maintenance of strong muscles. Others seek out therapeutic services to assist with chronic back pain or mental illness. When it comes to minor and moderate injuries and illnesses, urgent care is there to help. Straddling the middle line between emergency room services and visiting a regular provider, advanced urgent care is the ultimate resource to help you transition between life’s smaller unexpected moments.

Fractures And Sprains

A fracture can occur anywhere. You can slip while getting out of your car or cause a crack while getting out of bed in the morning. Over 80% of all urgent care centers in the United States provide fracture care,

Sleep Disorders Must Be Diagnosed to get the Right Treatment

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Migraine headache treatment

Many people struggle with getting a good night’s sleep on occasion. Still others may suffer from chronic insomnia. These are usually temporary conditions that can be remedied by either physical or mental changes, such as not using electronics before bedtime, working out more or eating differently. But for some people, their sleep problems result from a medical condition. In these cases, they may need sleep disorder treatment.

What kind of sleep disorder treatment you need depends largely on what type of sleep disorder you have. For example, if your sleep problems are caused by a mental illness such as depression, which is something that happens in about 90% of cases, you may need a change in your medicati